The Band

Beatnik Fandango is a blues-rock-folk-band from the Netherlands, and they’re bringing the sounds and of the sixties back into todays music scene. Tune in right now on Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook  to get the latest updates on Beatnik Fandango.

Robin Bourguignon

I am the singer and harmonica player. I started to play guitar when I was 18 and i’ve been writing songs ever since. For some years I performed as a street musician in Hilversum, Maatsricht, Utrecht and Amsterdam. I did it to find my style and discover the blues, and of course for the extra cash. Then I decided it was time for serious buisnes. It was time for Beatnik Fandango. I feel very lucky to have met, and played with so many great musicians of which many stuck around. Let me introduce:

yannaYanna Pelser
I met Yanna at a dinner for the homeless, organized by the Maria van Jesse church in Delft. This dinner was organized every month, and me and a friend came by to sing songs. No Halleluja stuff, but Johnny Cash, the Doors, Bob Dylan. Songs about booze, death, drugs, stuff they could relate to. Yanna worked there as a volunteer, serving soup and coffee. One day she brought her alt violin to jam. We where amazed by her gypsy, western sound. She has the soul of an old country fiddler..


Richard Ram
I met Richard at a Paul Mcartney concert. After the show we decided to meet up for a jam. Richard used to play guitar in a blues band before he joined us, and he studied adaptive audio at the School of Arts Utrecht (HKU). Its a guy who carries a real nasty bluesy sound in his guitar. Also playing mandoline and ukulele, singing back vocals, rythem, picking and solo’s. And his own very favorite: the Kazoo.

sascha 2Sascha van Loenen
We met Sascha during a Gooisch Podium ‘Muziekcafe’ show. While we performed Mas que nada he walked on stage and started to do his thing. He rocked the house, the audiance responded and the intensity of the whole band went up. Thats when we looked at each other and said: ”Holy shit!” Sascha has his own band called ‘Sascha & The Sharp Five’ and plays the VanLoenen Trio (gypsy jazz).. One of Sascha’s own tracks

P1000195Rutger Ides
Sometimes on drums, other times on percussion instruments. Rutger can’t bare to see us struggle without a steady beat so he walks the line. Rutger is also known for his production skills and will be working on producing our first album.


404736_369471876466381_1266876613_nMichel Tijdink
Rock & Rolla Michel Tijdink is a guitar teacher by day and a guitar hero by night. He plays in many bands an formations, mostly on the electric guitar. We have the privilege to have him plukkin away on the five string bas pushin the rhythm forward. He brings funk to the band and has some cool tricks up his sleeve.


David Stolk
A poet if it comes to guitar solos and a mean rhythm player. David is a guitar teacher and a student production & composition at the School of Arts Utrecht. Also has his own band called Blueberry White (get it?) but they are looking to change the name. If you have a quirky idea, let us know. David Stolk’s own tracks

The Beatnik fandango names


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